A guy’s gotta eat, right?

It me, the Taco Man
It me, the Taco Man

A common theme in these pages over the past couple of years and almost 150 posts (!) is food.

Obviously, the United States has a worldwide reputation – somewhat fairly, somewhat not – for oversized, over-caloric foodstuffs, but it’s also got an incredibly diverse food culture that differs from region to region and state to state.

Some of my best Maine memories revolve around eating: visiting a sugar shack and tasting maple syrup fresh out of the tree, to consuming lobster in various forms, to all of the snacky shit that I took a quick liking to early on in my immigration.

And as I noted as few months ago, moving to South Florida has opened up a whole new range of food possibilities, from drive-thrus we didn’t have in the northeast to Cuban and Jamaican food and fried chicken galore.

In a much larger metropolitan area, with an infinite and ever-growing number of places to eat (on days off, at least), it’s become hard to keep track of which ones Deanna and I enjoyed, which ones we didn’t, and which ones we want to get to but haven’t yet. So we decided a fun way to do that, as well as encourage ourselves to keep trying new spots rather than defaulting to our favorites, is to collaborate on a blog with reviews of, and stories about, our eating adventures in the Sunshine State.

Obviously it’s a little bit different to the content I’ve written here, so we’re hosting it on its own platform. If you’re interested in following along, it’s called West Palm Eats and can be found here. There’s only one piece posted so far, but if we write at roughly the same clip as we check out new places, it won’t be that way for long!


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