Throwing open the floor

Is this thing on? *feedback scream*
Is this thing on? *feedback scream*

I’m working on a few little ideas for posts over the coming days, which I’ve even got scribbled on the back of an envelope on my desk because I’m prone to forget things like that. HOW ORGANIZED OF ME.

But in the back of my mind I’ve been wondering something, and I’m going to put it in as a pull quote so it looks all big and draws attention to it and whatnot:

What do my readers want to know?

I set this blog up primarily as a way my family and friends could keep up-to-date with how I’m doing, at their own leisure and without having to worry about time differences. But the ulterior motive was to create a strong resource for Aussies interested in relocating to the United States, be it through the green card lottery or in other ways.

In any case the readership is now a lot more diverse than I expected it to be, which is great. But I’d love to throw it to you, to ask if there’s anything you guys want to hear about in particular? This of course may not work and I’ll get absolutely zero response, after which I’ll cry myself to sleep, delete the blog and sulk (not really). But if there are things you’ve been wondering about, big or small – “what groceries are different? Do toilets really flush clockwise? How do I find work in the US? Can you explain the green card process again? Where do babies come from?” – then I’d love to answer them for you.

I’ve also considered doing some casual interviews with other Aussies who’ve made the move out to the US and talk about their experiences etc. If you think that’d be a good read, or you’d love for me to tell your story to my tens of readers, then that’d be a bit of fun too.

So the floor is yours – what would you like to see, o faithful reader?


11 thoughts on “Throwing open the floor

  1. O ye of little faith. Been enjoying the read. Was just wondering about three things:

    Was the green card lotteria your one and only option?
    If no what were your other options?
    Lastly how did you find a job over there while you were in Australia?

    – Louise

  2. Hi Adrian, your blog is pretty ‘darn good! I signed up for your blog after reading ‘that piece that made you famous’ on ABC, I loved your sense of humour and the insight into life in the US. I suppose that is what I look forward to, a good laugh in the middle of a work-day, but also the chance to see how it’s done – An Aussie living in the US. I’m currently applying and interviewing for a few jobs in the US and your blog has helped to alay some of my fears and also answer some of my questions, thank you!
    So, what should you continue to write? Well, from my point-of-view, keep telling us your funny stories and keep giving us an insight into Aussie life in the US of A.

    1. Hey Elise, thanks for taking the time to write! I’d be interested to hear more about your job search too, and if you ever have questions I’d be happy to try and help.

  3. I’d like to hear about your experience with the every day things that stand out as differences between Australia and the US.
    Whether its the very weird orange cheese, the large portion sizes, or anything that stands out to you as different, tell us about it.

  4. Hi Adrian,

    I originally replied to your post on Reddit a little while ago, and am excited to say that I was successful and have received the Diversity Visa myself! I’m also a journalist, and am now thinking about the next step – aka, how to find a journalism job in the US.

    Would you have any advice about this? I’d send you an email but wasn’t sure if you had a personal address I could get in touch with…

    Enjoying your blog, keep up the good work!

  5. Great blog, unfortunately I’ve never applied for the Green Card, and now it might be too late!
    Let’s hope the whole immigration reform thing doesn’t happen until I get to apply at least once!

    I’m from S.A., so would love to know if you’ve bumped into any South Africans there

  6. Great blog crawf. I’m an aussie here in Brisbane and applied for green card last October, so fingers crossed for May 1st. I’m hoping if I get through the initial lottery the interview will be a breeze as I’ve got degrees, actually went to university in the USA and my partner (unmarried) is american. will be looking to move to Philadelphia. may even opt for a transfer with my employer here (banking) but would rather have the flexibility of a green card! keep up the good work. looking forward those celebratory beers you mentioned after my interview! I actually have gone through a similar process when getting my J-1 visa to study in the US. It was literally like getting on a plane!

    1. Hey man, thanks for stopping by. Fingers crossed indeed – I remember how it felt to check it on May 2 and I was just flat-out stunned to see I’d made it through. Hopefully you get to see what I mean!

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