Slowly, so slowly, the wheels turn

Better put my money where my mouth is now…

This certainly isn’t a huge or thought-provoking update for today, but I figured I’d show off my fancy new business cards. That’s right, they say I’m the editor of this website. I probably could’ve gone all Homer Simpson and made myself the vice-president … wait, no, JUNIOR vice-president, but I didn’t want to be too cocky.

I got these because after writing down a list of all the people I want to try and interview for the book, I realized that there are several names on the list who are basically strangers to me, even though we have a good enough rapport to say hello in passing and whatnot. So I figured it’d be best if I had a professional-looking way of giving them my contact details rather than scrawling it on a bar napkin or the back of a coaster or some such thing.

I’ve also already discovered that this may be harder than I first anticipated. I’ve only broached the subject with a couple of people I know here and there, to test the waters I guess. Those folks seem to be at least interested in the concept, which is good. But I rolled the dice earlier this week and – without business cards, DUH ADRIAN – asked the woman who runs my laundromat whether she’d be up for having a chat. It was probably the most awkward seven seconds of conversation I’ve had in years, and that’s saying something because I’m hopeless in a lot of ways. She seemed kinda baffled about what I was talking about, then passed the buck by telling me I should talk to a coworker of hers, who conveniently wasn’t there.

In short, it’s going to take some stones to approach half the people on this list. I wonder if I can subcontract that part out?


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