Are you in the green card lottery? I need your help!

Want one of these? You're not alone!
Want one of these? You’re not alone!

UPDATE: Thanks for all the responses, guys. I’ve got a ton of good submissions to work with, and I appreciate them greatly. I don’t have a ton of room in the newspaper but I might end up publishing some of them right here in the blog.

I’ve mentioned this many a time, but my column deadline often sneaks up on me and scares the hell out of me on a Tuesday afternoon.

This week has been absolutely no different, to the point where my brain actually complained, “oh come ON, we wrote one two weeks ago! Do we have to do it again?”

Thursday happens to be a big day for people who are in the green card lottery for 2015, patiently waiting like I was a year ago to find out if they had a lucky ticket.

I’ve got a pretty good blog post about it in the pipeline, but I decided my column could be a good place to talk about the lottery process in general.So what I’m asking is this: If there are any readers out there who:

  • Already have a lottery green card,
  • Are waiting for their interview number to come up in DV2014,
  • Are hoping their name will be pulled out of the hat on Thursday,

then I’d love to interview you for my column. If your comments make it in, I’d be more than happy to send you a newspaper clipping of the article for you to stick on your fridge.

So if you’re out there and you’d be interested in answering some questions for me via email over the next couple of days, then leave me a comment and I’ll get in touch.

Thanks in advance!

(WARNING: I hold no responsibility if appearing in the column turns you into an overnight celebrity in central Maine. Buyer beware!)


6 thoughts on “Are you in the green card lottery? I need your help!

  1. hey mate,

    I am eagerly waiting for the lottery! Although I studied in the USA and my partner (unmarried) is American, I’m still hoping to make it in this way as it is such a good opportunity!

  2. Adrian, I’m pretty busy this week, but if the timing works, happy to be email interviewed for your column. I’m an Aussie who’s both waiting for his 2014 high case number to come up, and hoping to win the 2015 lottery with a low case number. When I won for 2014, it was after trying for nine years. My main reason for moving to the US is to further my media career in LA. If you’re interested, please email me your questions.

    1. Much appreciated Anthony, thanks mate. I’ve just shot an email off to the address you entered with your comment. Hope to hear from you!

  3. Hi Adrian, Am happy to shoot you some replies tonight if you still want them. I tried for the first tome in the 2014 lottery, only because my partner nagged me to, and I won. But I’m only just now sending in the paperwork…lazy! Fiona

  4. Adrian, I’m happy to answer some questions if you’re still looking. I won the 2014 lottery on my first time entering. I only entered because my new partner nagged me to. But I’m only just now getting around to submitting the paperwork, even though I have a 500’s number….Fiona

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