The to-do list

Making a list, checking it twice. It's full of eating and drinking. DUH.
Making a list, checking it twice. It’s full of eating and drinking. DUH.

I’ve written before that I’m a creature of habit in a really big way. REALLY big.

I watch the same TV series over and again, and can quote my favorite movies line for line because I never branch out to newer flicks. Four days a week I wake up, have breakfast, go to the gym and then head to work, but not before stopping at the grocery store to grab the same sandwich from the deli.

The women who work behind the counter there don’t even need to ask me what I want anymore. “Roast beef and provolone, mayo and spicy brown mustard, tomatoes, onions and peppers? Cut in half?” “Yup.”

I’ve been here for coming up on seven months, but there are still a great number of places I’m yet to visit, eat or drink at, or even just wander around in.

That’s why I’m making a list.

It won’t be as amusing as my last list, of things I couldn’t wait to do once I could drive, but I bet there are still things on that one that I haven’t checked off yet.

This was partly inspired by the voice at the back of my head that reminds me every now and then that I probably won’t be in central Maine forever, so I should be doing as much as I can here while I can. The list doubles as an always-in-my-face challenge, too: I always get more done when I have a list of things to triumphantly cross off as I complete them.

But I was spurred along to write it after hearing today in our afternoon news meeting that an area staple hot dog place is closing up shop for good at the end of the week. The one in question is in Waterville, but there’s a franchise in Hallowell that I’ve walked past every single Friday night since I moved here, on my way to the bar, and I still haven’t stopped in. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH ME?

Anyway, I made mention of said apathy in the meeting, and was met with a rousing chorus of opinions from “it’s not that good” to “I was getting sick from those hot dogs 40 years ago.” That hasn’t totally put me off, though.

So, without further ado, The List. If anyone from Maine is reading this, and you want to either join me in ticking some of these off (or hell, buy me lunch,) then drop me a line. Company’s always fun!

That’s a decent starting point, I think. I mean, I can only eat…like…three times a day, right?


5 thoughts on “The to-do list

  1. First off I just have to say that I LOVE reading your articles…your friggin hilarious!!!
    Secondly, being from…as they say…”round heah”, I thought I would throw a few more suggestions of things to try, places to go, things to do, etc…
    1. Hike Tumbledown (Chimney Trail up/ Brook Trail down…trust me on this one!)
    2. Sushi…Café De Bangkok (order the Caterpillar…edible art!)
    3. Winter camping on Bigelow
    4. Reid State Park
    5. The Gin Mill…while you are visiting the Riverfront BBQ Grill, stop upstairs for a fine selection of booze!
    6. Kayak in Boothbay Harbor
    7. Eat at Nosh Kitchen Bar in Portland….hello bacon dusted fries and killer falafel
    8. Three Tides in Belfast…oysters, homemade brews, bocce ball…need I say more 😉
    9. The Lighthouse Wine and Seafood in Manchester…best beer selection around! Also superb food to go!!!
    10. Visit the Hope Elephants…and yes…we have elephants in Maine!
    11. Walk the Breakwater in Rockland…grab a sammie at The Brown Bag to take with you!
    12. Fish for Mackerel off the Belfast foot bridge
    13. Hike Mt. Battie…excellent sunrise btw
    14. Visit Fort Knox…spooky
    15. Kareoke at The Weathervane in Readfield (Fri nights)…never a dull moment!

    Well…that was a shit ton more than a “few”, and what’s crazy is there could be a whole notha list for the fall/winter!
    Keep up the good work…look forward to reading more about your adventures…hope you get enjoy a few of my favorite things…(queue the music 😉

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