This is a democracy (I guess?): Your opinions needed!

Free beer in exchange for your opinions! (Note: no free beer)

So after finally shaking the enormous hangover I sustained last weekend in California, not to mention the thumping headache sustained from about nine combined hours of sleep all weekend and a red-eye flight back to Maine, I’m ready to write again.

I’m intending to put together some form of trip report or something from the holiday weekend, but since it was a three-day bender that might take me until the end of the week to relive all those beers, mimosas and excessive brunches.

In the meantime, I’ve been kinda wondering. What are your personal favorite types of posts here at There’s a poll after the jump…The original intention, of course, was to keep family and friends abreast of the goings-on in my life. But the audience has certainly grown past that now, as has the content and subject matter, so I’d love some input as to what you, my faithful readers, would like to see.

There’s a poll below, and you can always leave comments telling me your own preferences. If you could help me out by letting me know, I’ll send you a case of beer*.

*won’t actually do this.



3 thoughts on “This is a democracy (I guess?): Your opinions needed!

  1. Oi Crawf, did you see the Visa Bulletin says OC will only reach 1450 by the end of September. You were one lucky mofo having a 400 number.

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