I found my calling

it me, the junk food expert
it me, the junk food expert

A couple of weeks ago, I hit something of a career milestone, reaching the nine-year mark since my career in the news business first started.

I was a wide-eyed 21-year-old who’d just landed the luckiest gig of his life, working in his hometown for a major media organization just one year out of college and with no real experience to speak of.

Granted, I was moderating comments on stories (which is basically wading through the internet’s knee-deep cesspool), but it was a start. It’s taken me a lot of places, including sunny South Florida, as you already know.

But this week’s assignment was something I never expected I’d be doing. There’s video after the jump…

BEHOLD! I eat Burger King in the name of journalism.

I had a bit of fun doing this, although it’s obviously never going to be a full-time career move. My palette isn’t refined enough to be an actual food critic.

I AM, however, hoping my coworkers will get behind the idea of making this a regularly scheduled segment.


2 thoughts on “I found my calling

  1. Is it too late to do the black whopper experience? Do they still have those? However, I hear the fun part comes several hours after consumption, and might not be great for public media coverage.

    1. Haha I think that was just a Halloween thing (in the U.S. anyway; it was some other timeframe in Japan). I was anticipating a similar physical aftermath…but thankfully it wasn’t to be!

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