These are a few of my favorite things

Ridiculously, one serving is allegedly four sticks. That's a lethal dose of sodium and beef parts.

So yesterday I sat down to write a fun sort of weekend post – on the bike at the gym, as always – and got a couple hundred words into a saved draft. When I went back to finish it off, it was gone. THANKS, WORDPRESS APP.

Anyway, the general gist was that the amount of choice available in this country is astounding.

Even after seven trips out here, I’ve never become acclimatised to having so many options presented to me at something as simple as breakfast.

“How do you want your eggs? Turkey, Canadian or regular bacon? Wheat toast, white toast, bagel? French toast or pancakes? Home fries or hash browns?”

I inevitably end up with only three of the options I wanted, and something I’d never order in a million years, because I’m so flummoxed and flustered that I just answer each question with the one choice I can remember the waitress saying. In other news: I’m an idiot.

Now that I’ve been here and have been shopping for myself for a couple of months, I’ve started to feel less intimidated by the nine million different brands of everything on offer. I finally have some preferences. And without further ado, here they are:

– Skippy peanut butter (creamy);
– Poland Springs sparkling water (Lime Essence, the raspberry one tastes like garbage);
– Quaker flavored oats variety box (Apple Cinnamon wins out, then Maple Brown Sugar and lastly Cinnamon Spice);
– TGIF Potato Skins chips (Cheddar Bacon, DUH);
– Dietz shaved rare roast beef;
– Bolthouse Farms green juice (there’s nary a better feeling than a glass of that for breakfast);
– Slim Jims (don’t judge me…please);
– Dietz cranberry horseradish (oh God get in my foodhole).

Okay, I said “a few” things. It’s impossible to name them all, but suffice to say I need to spend four days a week in the gym to “afford” those calories.

But damn, it’s worth every second.


4 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things

  1. Okay, so let us in on the secret…just what are Slim Jim’s? Every other item is explained, but not Slim Jim’s. My fertile (fetid?) imagination first brings up the seedy image of cheap cigarettes of a longer, thinner variety, but since everything else is food related, I’m at a loss. I could probably just Google it, but I’m enjoying your posts enough to warrant a reply. First blog I’ve ever cared to reply to. Hope your feeling special. šŸ˜

    1. I feel very special, thanks Maria! A Slim Jim is a processed meat stick in the basic dimensions of a cigarette, although much longer. I dread to read the ingredients because I’m sure it’s hideous, but they’re delicious and salty and that’s what I crave after gym when I’m sitting in the office.

  2. How lucky for us here in oz to get TWO of these goodies.
    Quaker oats, and of course Skippy P.B.
    guilty pleasure, slim jims, I thought these were the same as long johns, but thanks to Maria I avoided making a fool of myself, don’t sound very nice but obviously they are for you

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