My next assignment: Shoes and booze

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This here website is certainly a textbook example of “feast or famine,” ain’t it? No new reading material since the end of July, then two posts in less than a week. Sometimes I surprise even myself.

Anyhoo, this is the second freelance piece I’ve been pitched in the past month, and though the subject matter isn’t nearly as serious as the last one was, it’s also about a couple of things that are very dear to me: sneakers and booze, for the entertainment section of The Denver Post.

It’s my first byline in Denver and it’ll actually be going in real live print, which is pretty exciting. Plus I hadn’t done any reporting for what felt like years, so it’s nice to see it come together. Anyway, here we go:

I can remember my first pair of Nike sneakers. I begged my mother to get them for me, in all their teal- and-white glory.

I loved those things so much I cleaned the soles after wearing them.

They cost $40 in 1993. These days, a highly sought-after pair of sneakers for those who covet such things can run into the thousands.

If you need a stiff drink to work up the nerve to spend that much on a pair of shoes, now you can do a shot or two at a bar in the same shop.

These aren’t just any sneakers. And it’s not just any bar.

Welcome, Denver, to Sneekeazy.

Read the whole thing here at The Know.


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